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Sentinel Spectrum & Parastar Plus

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Dedicated to Pets and People

We know that your dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, ferrets, horses, and other furry friends are more than just pets – they are part of your family. You expect, and they deserve, the same kind of compassionate, high quality healthcare that you want for the rest of your family. We are all pet owners too, who have experienced anxiety over a sick or injured pet. We know that you need to be able to trust that your pet will receive the best healthcare possible, and that he will be treated like a member of the family. We agree! We have been respecting and honoring that special connection between our clients and their family pets for over 20 years.

Blue Sky Animal Hospital is dedicated to providing top-quality, compassionate healthcare to all your family pets, along with outstanding service to you - the pet’s family. We recognize that each patient in our care is accompanied by a person or family who is concerned about their pet. We care about you and you’ll receive the same special attention that we give your pet!

We stress well-pet care, bi-annual physical exams, preventive care, and proper nutrition in order to ensure that your pets stay healthy. Should your pet become ill or be injured, we are fully equipped with state of the art equipment and staffed by a highly skilled and experienced healthcare team. It is important to us that your pet enjoys a long, high quality life. We pride ourselves in being a “pain-free” hospital. You can rest assured that your pet will be prescribed pain medication with any surgical procedure or medical condition that may create discomfort.

We offer house call service for the convenience of both our equine and small animal patients.

To schedule an appointment for your pet, please call us at (651) 462-7387