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Featured Pets

Featured PetsWilly was attacked by another dog which left some bite wounds that needed repair. His mom rushed him to the clinic to get his wounds repaired. Willy later had complications that arose from the trauma done by the other animal, requiring a large portion of his skin on his side to be removed. Willy underwent special bandage changes every day for weeks, while his brave mom was strong for him, and gave him all the medication and care he needed to heal. Willy always came in with a wagging tail and lots of kisses - we always loved when Willy visited for his care. Although his wound looked very challenging, he was such a brave boy and kept healing faster than we expected. We were overjoyed when Willy had his last bandage removed - months after the first visit. Willy is now better and as you can see he is extremely cute! Thanks to his loving and dedicated mom he recovered from what could have been a fatal wound. We are always excited when he visits us, and we're relieved he is back to normal!