Life At Blue Sky Animal Hospital

Blue Sky Animal Hospital is more than just another veterinary practice. An active member of the business community, this independently owned and operated medical facility has more than three decades of serving the surrounding area. We’ve been a part of many families’ lives, helping them enjoy the most cherished moments of pet ownership, and navigating the sometimes painful parts that are encountered along the way. 

Through it all, one consistent thing has remained: commitment. Commitment to you and your pets, but equally important has been a commitment to the staff who make our family so much more than just a business. Of all the things we are proud to have accomplished over the years – and there are a few – investing in our employees, mentoring them along the way, developing their careers & skills, and helping them succeed in life & work has been our most cherished achievement.

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We believe strongly in a mentoring atmosphere and provide this to our doctors, technicians, CSRs, and clients. We will help you, and expect you to grow in knowledge, experience, and communication skills. We have several technicians with 26 years of experience, and three DVMs, each with over 30 years of experience. We need you to show kindness, courtesy, and respect, every time, and to every patient, to be part of our exceptional supportive team that values you and what you bring to the team. We have six core values that lead our team to our common goal.

We offer exceptional benefits, a flexible schedule, and a competitive salary based on experience to new graduates and seasoned veterinarians.

If you are looking for the right opportunity to grow your veterinary career, click the button to learn more.

Are You a Recent Veterinary Graduate?

As a mixed animal practitioner of 33 years and owner of a small animal hospital, Dr. Johnson knows the life of a veterinarian. Having mentored many technicians and veterinary students, he is aware of the concerns you have. That is why he created Doc Talk DVM, a email newsletter to share insights and perspectives with veterinary students and recent graduates looking to find their place in the veterinary world. The newsletter is free, your email is not shared or spammed, and you will receive valuable mentorship when you sign up.

“There are a lot of us that want you to succeed. We are excited for you to join our hospitals and continue the great profession we have been an integral part of for much of our lives. It is our privilege and responsibility to give you the information and tips to help you be successful.”

– Dr. Jeff Johnson

What's It Like to Work at Blue Sky?

At Blue Sky Animal Hospital We operate according to our

six Core values

  • Be Adaptable
    • Use your imagination to find unique solutions
    • Be a champion – don’t stop short of success
    • Overcome obstacles without sacrificing principles
  • Adhere to Timeliness
    • On time is late, early is on time!
    • Respect & impress clients by always being on time
    • Honor your team members by always being on time
  • Be Driven
    • Help one another succeed and we all succeed
    • Compel efficiency
    • Be in the “now” with clients and team members
    • Care intensely about everything you do
    • Be dedicated to achieve your best
  • Knowledge Rocks!
    • Hunt for learning opportunities
    • Exceed your own expectations
    • Communicate at the level that creates understanding
  • Passionate Relationships
    • Be the patient advoate
    • Include the client as an active member of their pet’s health care team
    • Be an active listener
    • Be courageous in supporting the emotional needs of others
  • Inspire Positivity
    • Let your enthusiasm permeate through everything you do
    • If people are not happy to see you, one of you may be in the wrong place
    • Freely offer and graciously receive compliments
    • Find the silver lining behind every dark moment

Wisonic Navi Ultrasound

Meet Navi

State-of-the-art Technology

Our constant commitment to cutting edge technology includes our recent purchase of the Navi Ultrasound by WiSonic. With its unparalleled tissue texture resolution and exceptional detail, Navi enables us to examine and diagnose patients with greater efficiency than ever before.


Navi's portability allows Blue Sky staff to bring the ultrasound with them from surgery, to treatment, to any exam room, delivering full accessibility for your pet.

Cloud Storage

With cloud storage technology, our team is able to share and review studies with experts and radiologists.