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Chickens on a farm

Urgent Update: Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI)

Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza has been confirmed on 21 Minnesota properties as of April 7th. Officials are working to contain and control this foreign animal disease introduction in our state. We are sharing resources to keep you informed and help you prevent the spread of this disease.

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A Fluffy Dog Being Scanned At The Vet For A Microchip

Pets With A Microchip Make Their Way Home

Pets love the outdoors, and in places where wilderness out-stretches civilization, pets can easily get lost. That’s why getting them a microchip is an important part of pet protection. A Microchip Is Safe And Painless Many pet owners fear the implant injection will hurt their animal. However, the injection type

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Dog sitting in leaves

Things to Do With Your Dog This Fall

The fall is one of the best times of year for your dog. Why? The weather is perfect and there is so much to do! Keep reading for some things that you can do with your dog this fall. We promise you will be so glad these next few months

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Is a Vegetarian Diet Healthy for Dogs?

It is common for dog owners who follow a vegetarian diet to wonder if switching their dog to a meat-free diet is a good idea. While there is a variety of differing opinions about how healthy a vegetarian diet is for dogs, many vets feel it is an acceptable choice

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Beware of Blue-Green Algae

Algae is a fairly common bacteria that grows in the stagnant water of lakes, ponds, and oceans. This bacteria clumps together to form the viscous, slimy material that many people are familiar with and can take on a variety of colors. When nutrient-rich water is present, the algae is said

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