Things to Do With Your Dog This Fall

The fall is one of the best times of year for your dog. Why? The weather is perfect and there is so much to do! Keep reading for some things that you can do with your dog this fall. We promise you will be so glad these next few months are coming!

Firstly, the fall has far fewer risks for your furry friend. Fleas and ticks can cause issues during the summer months. During the fall, you rarely come across these creatures. Although they still may be lingering, there will be far fewer of them which reduces the likelihood of your dog coming into contact with them.

Another great part of the fall is the opportunity for outdoor activities. Although many cities have outdoor activities in the summer, it’s simply too hot outside, especially in the afternoon. Because of their fur, dogs become far hotter than you, so being outside for long periods of time creates health risks for them. The fall is a perfect time for hiking, picnics, and other fun outdoor activities.

Lastly, during the fall months, there are fewer holidays for your dog to worry about. Have you ever wondered why your dog acts up when you have company? Your dog might start begging for more attention or bother your guests. This is simply because your dog is stressed out. When dogs’ regular routines are disrupted they feel confused. Your dog also may sense that you are stressed out, which makes him or her feel stressed out too.

These are just a few ideas to help make this fall your best fall yet! Make sure that you keep up to date with fun activities going on in your community this fall. Your dog may enjoy attending a few with you. The dog park is always a great place for your dog during these months. For more suggestions for things to do with your dog this fall, contact us today!

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